The Ultimate Collection Of Tips For Backyard Hobbies And Leisure

 Is your family sitting around in the house all day on the weekend? You don’t want to hear your kids say again "Mommy, I’m bored!" Well, time to turn off the TV and head outdoors. There is plenty that you and the entire family can do in your own backyard if you just let your imagination run wild. 

Need some alone-time on the weekend? Take it easy by:

*   Gardening, reading, sewing or knitting

Need to bond with the kids? Have fun with them and their friends by:

*   Playing card games and board games

*   Playing scavenger hunt

Get imaginative, work out the body and mind:

*   Jump up and down a trampoline 

*   Play tic-tac-toe or hopscotch using chalk in the pavement to draw the lines

*   Play backyard bowling with soda cans, cereal boxes or stuffed toys

*   Paint on rocks or draw on backyard walls & pavement using chalk or washed-off paint

*   Give your kids a digital camera and have them take pictures of plants, flowers, rocks, furry creatures

Why not chill out and just let everything go?

*   Pitch a tent, grab some marshmallows and hotdogs and camp out complete with a campfire and a cookout!

However way you take some time-out, enjoy fooling around in your backyard and just have a good time!