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Plato On Love

Plato's works on love—Symposium, Phaedrus, Lysis, and Alciabiades in their entirety, with relevant selections from Republic and Laws—with an introductory essay by C. D. C. Reeve.

ISBN10 : 9781603844062 , ISBN13 : 1603844066

Page Number : 272

Conversations Of Socrates

After the execution of Socrates in 399 BC, a number of his followers wrote dialogues featuring him as the protagonist and, in so doing, transformed the great philosopher into a legendary figure. Xenop

ISBN10 : 0141915447 , ISBN13 : 9780141915449

Page Number : 384


A brilliant portrait of the Greek philosopher who personified philosophy. Socrates was undeniably one of the greatest thinkers of all time, yet he wrote nothing. Throughout his life, and indeed until

ISBN10 : 1101545194 , ISBN13 : 9781101545195

Page Number : 224

Essays In Love

With an introduction by Sheila HetiA unique love story and a classic work of philosophy, rooted in the mysterious workings of the human heart and mind.Perhaps it is true that we do not really exist un

ISBN10 : 9781447275329 , ISBN13 : 1447275322

Page Number : 224

Socrates In Love

Discusses the many forms of love--besides erotic or romantic love--that exist and make life worthwhile, including the love of family, strangers, friends, and country.

ISBN10 : 9780393060171 , ISBN13 : 0393060179

Page Number : 320

The Trial And Death Of Socrates Third Edition

This third edition of 'The Trial and Death of Socrates' presents G. M. A. Grube's distinguished translations, as revised by John Cooper for 'Plato, Complete Works'. A number of new or expanded footnot

ISBN10 : 9780872205543 , ISBN13 : 0872205541

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Socrates Meets Jesus

Kreeft writes a play about a fictional Massachusetts university where Socrates is unexpectedly revived in 1987. In studying religious traditions, the Greco-Roman philosopher uses natural reason to dis

ISBN10 : 9780830823383 , ISBN13 : 0830823387

Page Number : 182