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Me and Mr. Jones (sweet romance, contemporary romance)

I wasn’t thrilled when my mother told me she was getting married again.  It wasn’t until I met Future Husband #5 that I also met his son.  Riley got my attention, that’s for sure.  Is it a mistake that we’re going out?  Or are we on our way to forever?  Me and Mr. Jones is a sweet, contemporary romance short story: 7,100 words.

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Loving You (steamy contemporary romance)

Today my boyfriend and I had the best snow day ever.  It’s pretty simple.  After all, what could two healthy twenty-somethings do to pass the time?  We certainly weren’t knitting a sweater.  Loving You is a steamy, contemporary romance short story: 3,600 words.

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Dating Dr. Notorious (Contemporary Romance, Humor)

 Are you over 40? Over 50? This hot contemporary romance series is just
for you! Let the stories of Alexa, Regina, and Lauren convince you in
this humorous romantic comedy saga that it is "Never Too Late” to find
romance and love.

DESCRIPTION:  Sex therapist, Dr. Regina Logan, can fix everyone’s love life but her own. Her dating moves always go public, and men flee before they ever even get to her bed. Nice guy and widower, Ben Kaiser, is drawn to passionate Regina and determined to be the one man who toughs out the bad press. Unfortunately, Regina’s negative publicity threatens the livelihoods of the very people Ben most cares about.

Her Best Mistake (Contemporary Romance)

Maybe other forty year old divorced women were different, but Lisa Dennison was not the kind of woman to climb into bed with every guy she dated. Actually, she should never even have agreed to date younger man, Eric Roberts at all. She was flattered by the attention, but as a person, Eric never really interested her. 

So how can rationalize sleeping with Eric’s Harvard Professor of Archeology twin? What she did with Finn was a mistake–a big mistake–even if it doesn’t feel like one.

Teach Me (Contemporary Romance, Humor)

Teacher Leslie Mercer returns to her hometown to help her high school boyfriend recover from a head injury. While Murphy’s mind is stuck in the past, Leslie finds out his younger brother, has had a crush on her for years. The now all-grown-up Grayson Webb says he has been waiting all his life for the chance to be with her. While Murphy recuperates, Gray asks her to teach him all the things he’s never had a chance to learn about women. But when their impromptu summer school ends, what will happen then?

It Happened One Wedding

~Shortlisted for the ALA’s 2015 Reading List for Best Romance 
After a humiliating end to her engagement, investment banker Sidney Sinclair is done with commitment-phobic men. But when her sister winds up engaged after a whirlwind courtship, Sidney is thrown into close contact with exactly the kind of sexy playboy she wants to avoid—the gorgeous best man. She’s stuck with him, for better or worse, until her sister walks down the aisle, but that doesn’t mean she has to give in to his smooth advances, no matter how tempting they are…
Special agent Vaughn Roberts always gets his man on the job and his woman in bed. So Sidney’s refusal to fall for his charms only makes him more determined to win over the cool and confident redhead. Only what starts out as a battle of wills ends up as a serious play for her heart. Because the one woman who refuses to be caught may be the only one Vaughn can’t live without…

A New York Times Bestseller
A USA Today Bestseller
A Publishers Weekly Bestseller

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