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Taken By The Heart (4 Contemporary Romance Novellas)

 *These are novellas*

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In book 1, Ashly is haunted by her ex’s actions when he dumped her at the altar. 

In book 2, Charity has a rocky relationship with her father and tries to put the past behind her when she meets her sexy new doctor.  

* * *

In book 3, when Emma runs into her cocky new neighbor, Special Agent Chase Williams, things get heated.

* * *

In book 4, U.C. San Diego college student, Miranda Cates is excited to start college. When she meets the very hot and sexy U.S. Marine, Chris Ferguson, it’s lust at first sight. 

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Harlequin E Contemporary Romance Box Set Volume 2

From Hollywood’s red carpet to a farm stand in Missouri. Four novels about finding love in the unlikeliest of places…

Maid to Crave by Rebecca Avery (Man Maid, Book 2)

Single mom Tori Stewart doesn’t know her housekeeper, former army man Seth Lewis, has many other creative uses for the feather duster. Until a night out on the town showcases those talents. Now Tori can’t stop fantasizing about the housekeeper/exotic dancer—who’s proving to be so much more than the sum of his spectacular parts.

All I Have by Nicole Helm

Mia Pruitt is determined to have a successful year at her farmer’s market stand, but her fierce competitor keeps taking off his shirt to attract female customers. Mia might know more about apples and oranges than men, but she can’t deny her attraction to Dell. Now, as the battle of the farm stands heat up, Mia and Dell arrive at the perfect compromise—they’ll have fun, till it’s not….

The Last First Date by Maggie Wells

First date number forty-eight comes to a screeching halt for detective Langley Sheppard when his date lifts a pack of gum from the local convenience store. But things start looking up when he encounters spunky damsel in distress Jessica Vickers, who’s stranded in the store parking lot. Now Lang is about to discover that on a night when everything goes wrong, falling for Jessica feels spectacularly right.

Light My Fire by Kristina Knight

Lily MacIntyre’s life is offtrack, and she knows exactly how to right it: shed her America’s sweetheart image in a big way. Getting down and dirty in a limo with rocker Nate Lansford seems like the perfect solution. Plus, she’s had a mad crush on him practically since birth. The only problem? Nate is her brother’s best friend…and he doesn’t see her as anything other than a surrogate little sister.

Me and Mr. Jones (sweet romance, contemporary romance)

I wasn’t thrilled when my mother told me she was getting married again.  It wasn’t until I met Future Husband #5 that I also met his son.  Riley got my attention, that’s for sure.  Is it a mistake that we’re going out?  Or are we on our way to forever?  Me and Mr. Jones is a sweet, contemporary romance short story: 7,100 words.

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Dating A Silver Fox (Contemporary Romance, Humor)

 Are you over 40? Over 50? This hot contemporary romance series is just for you! Let the stories of Alexa, Regina, and Lauren and their families convince you in this humorous romantic comedy saga that it is truly "Never Too Late” to find romance and love.

DESCRIPTION:  Lydia McCarthy didn’t want any man in her life, much less an incorrigible old flirt like Morrison Fox. Widowed in her forties, being single suited her. She truly couldn’t see any sane reason to risk her peaceful life for someone who said he wanted to make wine out of her one minute and then embarrassed her the next. Did it matter at her age that Morrie might be her last chance to find true love?

Restless Harmony (Contemporary Romance)

Jazz singer Zoe Davis is facing eviction due to a teensy, ill-advised fling with her landlord, so when Gabe Reynolds offers the apartment over his garage, Zoe knows better than to get involved with her landlord again. No matter how smoking hot he is.

Former shark lawyer Gabe returns to Clover Park for the stress-free lifestyle only to corner the market on ridiculous “legal” cases. When Zoe comes to him asking for legal advice, Gabe’s solution is a shock even to him.

Gabe’s got good reason to avoid anything permanent, so when Zoe tells him she’ll only be staying a month, he figures it’s the perfect situation. But when passion flares this hot, someone is bound to get burned.


BOOK 1: The Opposite of Wild

BOOK 2: Daisy Does It All

BOOK 3: Bad Taste in Men

BOOK 4: Kissing Santa

BOOK 5: Restless Harmony

BOOK 6: Not My Romeo

BOOK 7: Rev Me Up

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Almost Married (Contemporary Romance)

Mathlete vs. rock star…?

Stephanie Moore’s boyfriend, the adorably geeky math teacher, Dave Olsen, has husband material written all over him. One teensy problem—she’s still technically married. When she demands a divorce from the rock star husband she hasn’t seen in five years, he shows up on her doorstep wanting a second chance.

Dave is so in love with Steph, he’s already researching diamond rings. If only he didn’t have to compete with the famous Griffin Huntley. Griffin is going all out to win Steph back, and Dave plans to fight for his woman. A mathlete vs. a rock star? Statistically speaking—oh, the hell with it. Game on!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Each book in the Clover Park STUDS Series can be read as a stand-alone novel, or for more fun read them in order. Characters you’ve loved from past books frequently pop up in other books. 

The Clover Park STUDS Series

Book 1: Almost in Love

Book 2: Almost Married 

Book 3: Almost Over It

Originally published under the title Stud Unleashed: Dave

Keywords: contemporary romance, romantic comedy, women’s fiction, humor, humorous romance, Clover Park STUDS series, chick lit, funny romance, humorous fiction, small town romance, series romance, series, romance, romantic

Losing Control (Contemporary Romance)

Strip-club waitress. 
Aspiring teacher. 
Friend of the Heaven Hill MC. 

Bianca Hawks met Jagger Stone in the most embarrassing of ways. After watching him play music at Wet Wanda’s for months, she fell half naked into his arms after a drunken bout with a stripper pole and the back of a pick-up truck. Avoiding him and his killer smile no longer works when she needs her car repaired and he comes to her rescue. His request for payment comes in the form of date nights spent with just the two of them – away from both the strip club and the MC. 

Tough guy with model good looks. 
Talented musician. 
Newly patched member of the Heaven Hill MC. 

Jagger Stone only wanted two things – to be a patched member of the Heaven Hill MC and to get to know Bianca Hawks. One for two isn’t bad, but when her car breaks down and she’s left with no one else to help her, he plays the situation to his advantage. Over late nights driving up and down the interstate and nights in spent at her apartment, Jagger realizes that there is so much more to Bianca than he ever knew. 

When her dream of becoming a school teacher is threatened by someone who wants her all to himself, the two of them are thrown into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. For the first time, Heaven Hill isn’t sure what they are up against or if they can keep their family safe. In times of danger, Bianca and Jagger know the only thing they can do is hold onto each other while trying not to admit they are losing control. 

*****Book #3 in the Heaven Hill Series*****

The Alexanders Volume 2: Contemporary Romance Bundle (Romantic Suspense, New Adult, Multicultural Romance)

Volume 2 in the USA TODAY Bestselling Alexanders series. Save 30% off the retail price!!

Matt Simmons is over Army doctors poking him until he realizes that his old babysitter, now a physical therapist, is h-o-t. But Penny thinks of him as the bratty kid she used to babysit. Suddenly he has a new mission in life…

Kaylee Wilhelm knows what she wants for Christmas—for Elliott Alexander to notice her—but even Santa can’t make that happen. Then her car skids out of control on Christmas Eve and she’s forced to reach out to the only man she trusts to save her. 

When the man she loves leaves town after their steamy kiss, Kaylee Wilhelm is done. She has no time for pining after her former bodyguard. But when she’s targeted by a stalker, Eli is the only one who can protect her. 

Bundle Length: 165,000 words / 660 pages

Book 0 – Teasing Trent – FREE
Book 1 – One More Day
Book 2 – The Things I Do for You
Book 3 – He’s the Man
Book 3.5 – Christmas with The Alexanders
Book 4 – All I Need is You
–       – spin-off novel #1 – – TANK
–       – spin-off novel #1 – – FINN
Book 5 – Say You Will

Romantic Suspense, New Adult, Multicultural Romance

Fun, sassy contemporary romance perfect for fans of Bella Andre, Marie Force, Kristen Proby and Jill Shalvis. Fall in love with The Alexanders today!

Loving You (steamy contemporary romance)

Today my boyfriend and I had the best snow day ever.  It’s pretty simple.  After all, what could two healthy twenty-somethings do to pass the time?  We certainly weren’t knitting a sweater.  Loving You is a steamy, contemporary romance short story: 3,600 words.

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You Again (sweet contemporary romance)

After eight months away, I’m finally back home.  Momma, Daddy, and Grandma are thrilled to see me, but I’m wondering if my ex-boyfriend will be, too.  Maybe I’ll swing by Miss Betty’s for the best chess pie in the South.  Who knows?  Maybe Jason will have the same idea.  You know what else?  Maybe we’re not quite over just yet.  You Again is a sweet, contemporary romance short story: 4,100 words.

Keywords:   sweet romance, contemporary romance, clean romance, inspirational romance, sweet love story, clean love story, inspirational love story, short story, second chances, chick lit, humor, romcom, romantic comedy, moving back home, breakup, ex-boyfriend