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Creative Metal Crafts

Create one-of-a-kind metal projects for the home with these quickly learned “cold-connection” techniques that take the intimidation out of an appealing art form. Every step of the process is beautifully and pictorially covered, from piercing and sawing to riveting and bending, along with essential surface treatments, including filing, chasing, polishing, and adding patinas. Build your skills on 25 eye-catching items–attractive shower curtain hangers, decorative fans pulls, tabletop mirrors–made from sterling silver, copper, brass, and aluminum sheets. With each wonderful household object, you’ll gain a solid foundation of cold connection metalworking techniques to use in the future.

“Helpful for beginners…[It] does a good job of explaining the different techniques….The project styles are very modern”–Art Jewelry

Jewelry Making and Other Easy Past Time Craft Hobbies (incl Parachord)

What are the benefits of jewelry making Jewelry making is a lovely way to pass the time, and it is also a good choice when you want to foster a sense of creativity within yourself. People have worn jewelry since ancient time for the sake of beauty, religion, status and more, and as you make your own pieces, it is very easy for you to imbue them with your own personal meaning. Jewelry making allows to make rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants that all have their own meaning for you!